Mr. Jeremy Fisher

Mr. Jeremy Fisher is a gentleman frog who lives in a little damp house amongst the buttercups at the edge of a pond. His best friends are Mr. Alderman Ptolemy Tortoise and Sir Isaac Newton. He loves fishing, cooking, and entertaining his friends. His favorite foods are minnows, butterfly sandwiches, and roasted grasshopper with ladybird sauce.


Jeremy goes fishing.


Jeremy stars in the book, The Tale of Mr. Jeremy Fisher. One rainy day, he decides to invite his friends for a dinner party if he catches more than five fish. He wears a Macintosh and a pair of shiny goloshes. He brings his rod and basket to his lily-pad boat. But troubles ruin his fishing trip: a water beetle snaps at his toes, rats make him move his boat, he accidently catches Jack Sharp, little fish laugh at him, and a giant trout grabs him, but spits him out becuase of the taste of the Macintosh. He goes home, puts sticking plaster on his fingers, and serves his friends roasted grasshopper with ladybird sauce.



Jeremy Fisher in the ballet.

Tales of Beatrix Potter (ballet)Edit

An abridged version of The Tale of Mr. Jeremy Fisher appears in Frederick Asthon's ballet, Tales of Beatrix Pot

terThe ballet starred the dancers of The Royal Ballet wearing large lifelike animal costumes and masks. Jeremy also appears in the finale of the ballet. Sir Isaac and Mr. Alderman do not appear in this ballet.

The World of Peter Rabbit and Friends (1992-1995)Edit

Jeremy appears in an episode of The World of Peter Rabbit and Friends. The episode is an adaption of The Tale of Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle, and The Tale of Mr. Jeremy Fisher : "The Tale of Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle and Mr. Jeremy Fisher."

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Mr. Jeremy Fisher as he appears in the Nick Jr. TV Series.

Peter Rabbit (Nick Jr.)Edit

Jeremy appears in the Nick Jr. TV Series Peter Rabbit. He wears an outfit simlar to that in the books, but it is blue. He still has a friendly personality. He is often called "Mr. Fisher." He is also revealed to play the banjo.

Peter Rabbit (2018 movie)Edit