Beatrix Potter's The Tales of Peter Rabbit and Friends is an upcoming musical live-action/animated feature film produced by Storybook Studio.

Based upon the characters of the classic children's books written and illustrated by Beatrix Potter, Beatrix Potter's The Tales of Peter Rabbit and Friends features ten stories from the original books.

The film will be written, produced, and directed by John Patrick. It will also be animated in classic, 2-D hand-drawn animation.

The music for the film will be a mixture of public domain classical music and classic public domain children's songs with original lyrics for the characters to sing. For example, one of the musical numbers, Two Bad Mice, is set to the classic tune of Three Blind Mice.


This adaptation will feature a live-action Beatrix Potter who will interact with the audience and narrate the animated stories featured in the film.

The stories to be adapted for the film are:

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